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Weekly Obsession 2023-10-23: Anna Lapwood I can’t remember the sequence of steps that led me to discovering Anna Lapwood, but I know why I clicked. I’m a fan of any musical artist bold November 6, 2023 Weekly Obsession 2023-10-02: “Apocalypse Now” and Marlon Brando It was about time I got around to watching Apocalypse Now, the cult-classic 1979 Viet Nam war film from Francis Ford Coppola that had an equally October 5, 2023 Weekly Obsession 2023-9-27: Aubrey Logan’s rendition of “MacArthur Park” Let me set the scene. I just moved to Playa del Ray last week; the apartment is still in desperate need of furniture. I found this really fantastic October 5, 2023 Weekly Obsession 2023-9-18: Diel vertical migration Vertical migration of zooplankton in the ocean is something I never knew about until this week! Here’s the wikipedia page about it. This is sooooo October 5, 2023